Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The Locket

He wanders highways and byways
Living each meaningless day
Trapped in memories of a love lost,
Forever a broken heart the cost.

Tucked in his shirt pocket
Is a worn gold locket,
Inside a lock of flaxen hair,
His only treasure hidden there.

A memento of a love grown cold
This small treasure of gold,
A reminder of a long ago romance
When two hearts gave love a chance.

He fondles the locket now and again
And holds the lock of hair within,
Bittersweet memories come to mind
Of the beautiful love he left behind.

Regrets haunt him for deeds done,
His heart aches for his loved one,
He forsake her on their wedding day
And with constant sorrow he will pay.

Love for him arrived too late
He had forever sealed his fate,
He knew now he loved her deeply
With heart and soul, so completely.

Now penniless he is a tramp
Living from camp to camp,
He will not face truth anymore
On life's pain he's closed the door.

In memory he will always carry
The love he didn't marry,
Over his heart lies her locket
The only treasure in his pocket.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-29-05

Song title: "Rose Of Mooncoin"

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