Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Restless I watch curious shadows play
Dreading the dawn of another day,
Just lying listless for hours it seems
Reliving the anguish of lost dreams.

Sliding my hand where he should be
As lingering moonbeams cover me
I caress where once he lay sleeping
And dawn heartaches come creeping.

As shadows hide from coming sunlight
I dry my eyes from crying all night,
Flickering moonbeams wither then flee,
The morning sun rises but not for me.

Loneliness is my companion and friend
Through hours that seem never to end,
We dwell in a well of depression each day,
Wondering each moment why he went away.

Bittersweet memories slice as a knife
Cutting in pieces my once happy life,
Shades of gray has replaced sunshine,
Love's glow has left this heart of mine.

Puzzled am I since the polite goodbye's
From one whose vows where only lies,
Sweet vows spoken and broken carefree,
With no care of how it would hurt me.

I gave my trusting heart to new dreams
But love dreams were foolish it seems,
Just a wishful fairytale of heart and mind
And daydreams have endings unkind.

I won't believe love's promise anymore
My heart has forever closed that door,
How could I believe in a fairytale romance,
My heart is broken - love had It's chance.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-06-05

Song title:"Afterglow"

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