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Colorful Face by Kenneth Ellison


Colorful Faces

I can't say when you changed
And your makeup rearranged
But slowly you decided to hide
The beautiful face of my bride.

At this point in our married life
I no longer recognize my wife,
The lovely face I once adored
Resembles a painted billboard.

The chaotic panorama you wear
Is a color scheme with wild flare,
Your artistic touch I much admire
But it appears your face is on fire.

Your eyes look like two butterflies
Pasted to your face for disguise,
Bright wings over cheeks spread
And the critters look to be dead.

Those eyes are like two black holes
Blinking from strawberry jellyrolls,
With red berry color they're covered
Until their true beauty is smothered.

With the war-paint on you're a fright
Like you're set for Halloween night,
With that mask you can trick or treat
Any frightened stranger you meet.

I know you think you're a beauty,
A tricked-out gussied up cutie,
I hate to burst your bubble sweetie
But the face looks like lurid graffiti.

I love you and think you're a saint
But please trash the war-paint
And that circus clown color erase,
I want my wife's face back in place.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-25-07

Song title: "The Chrysanthemum"

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