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Old Friends by Kenneth Ellison

Old Friends by Kenneth J Ellison

Old Friends Sea Shell 1

Just want to say hi to my old friend
And ask you how you've been,
It's been to long since I talked to you,
So what in life have you been up to?

I'm lonesome since you moved away
And feeling a little blue everyday,
Since children we've never been apart
In my life you are so much a part.

I sure wish we could visit for awhile
I miss the laughter and your smile,
Time in-between visits is to long dear,
I wish you lived near and were here.

I loved the private talks we shared
As every little secret was bared,
The two of us were always a pair
Through stormy times or cheery fair.

As good friends we've shared it all,
The big heartaches and the small
Easing each others strains and pains
Bringing sunshine into life's rains.

Good or hard-times we shared each one
Since our enduring friendship begun
And years have flown since first we met
But time has not faded our friendship yet.

Though the miles keeps us far apart
You're forever special in my heart
And you are always on my mind a lot
Cause you're the best friend I've got.

I just wanted today to say a warm hello
And dearest let you know before I go
That I'm constantly thinking about you,
I'm missing you and I love you too.

Old Friends Sea Shell 2

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-20-04

Song title: "Flower of The East"

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