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Treasure Chest by Kenneth Ellison


Treasure Chest Trinket

So many years has passed by
He no longer wondered why
His wife was the first to go,
Only God would ever know.

On this golden anniversary
He searched for a memory,
A tiny mother-of-pearl chest
Different from the rest.

One where her secrets would be,
One she never let him see,
He took the box from the dresser
Longingly missing her.

He cried as he peered inside
At the treasures of a long ago bride,
Bits and pieces of a woman's life,
Memories of a beautiful wife.

Souvenirs from years together
And one tear stained letter,
Only a few short lines she wrote,
With every word his heart broke.

I love you darling now and forever
But soon we won't be together,
I am so sorry to have left you
Long before I was ready to.

I won't say goodbye sweetheart
Though we are going to part
Goodbye means we'll meet no more
But we shall at Heaven's door.

The years I had to love you were few
And how quickly the time flew
But dearest know this one thing is true
I'll wait at Heaven's door for you.

Treasure Chest Flowers

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-20-04

Song title: "You Were Never Mine"

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