Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
I was a small town discard to you,
Someone to hurt passing through,
You played the love game so well
Then left me in a witching spell.

I am the laughs for this tiny town,
The brunt of jokes going around,
What a fool I was to ever believe
Your sweet lies meant to deceive.

Now I'm searching for a hideaway
Where no one will look my way,
Where busybodies don't know me
Or your plaything I used to be.

I need a secret place to fall apart
And pick up pieces of my heart,
I just want to ran away and hide
And mend my wounded pride.

I fell head over heels for pretty you
Just like you schemed for me to do,
You were every dream I ever wanted
But my dreams you rudely taunted.

You played me and left me broken
With every deceiving word spoken,
My feelings you so casually spurned
As my world crashed and burned.

I need a new lifestyle and fresh start
But how? When I have no heart,
My heart lies shattered at your feet
Somewhere on a big city street.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-21-05

Song title: "Just A Girl I Used To Know"

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