Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Our two hearts beat as one
life's walk at last begun,
Destiny placed us together
On a journey lasting forever.

Beautiful darling of mine
Our blest lives entwine,
Heart and soul and mind
Through boundless time.

Endless our love for each,
Heaven is within reach,
When we embrace it's clear
Our paradise is here.

Savoring unbridled desire,
Two romantic hearts afire,
Traveling through long life
Joined as husband and wife.

You are mine and I am your's
Our devotion ever endures,
Trials of time will never alter
Our vows sworn at the altar.

Our wedding was fated to be
A shining star for all to see,
Two hearts in perfect harmony,
Embraced in eternal matrimony.

Our walk through life is a pleasure
And there is no earthly measure
To express the love in our hearts
So brilliant from two equal parts.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-03-05

Song title: "My One And Only"

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