Grandparents now were they
Gone their separate way,
Since a high-school romance
They had parted by chance.

Into golden years and alone
Their mates have passed on,
By fate they met once more
And love reopened It's door.

Two golden-agers in love again,
A refreshed love will begin,
Urged on by family and friend,
Happiness blooms without end.

A courtship of enchantment
Leads to an engagement,
The sweet proposal of marriage
Was in a horse drawn carriage.

Glowing embers now burst to fire
Filling two hearts with desire,
A rekindled love is in bloom
As they leave on a honeymoon.

Love has filled once empty hearts
Giving two lives fresh starts,
Two rejoicing seniors have found,
Love the second time around.

Nightingales trill softly their tune
As darkness covers the moon,
The contented old lovebird's rest
Cuddled in their honeymoon nest.

©Author: Kenneth Ellison 10-30-05

Song title: "Un Mundo"(A World)

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