I wonder If you're aware
I laid heart and soul bare,
I put the world at your door,
You wanted more.

I bought you fancy cars
You drove them to bars,
I gave diamond rings,
You went on wild flings.

I bought you fine clothes
Wrapped in pretty bows,
I gave furs and money too,
It was not enough for you.

We went to the best places
You dressed in silk laces,
Your expensive perfumes
Filled the rooms.

I gave you gold credit cards
You left my heart in shards,
I gave everything I had,
You treated me bad.

I gave love as no other
You took another lover,
I know you'll cheat on him
Just to satisfy a whim.

I'm a lovesick fool over you,
And hate cruel things you do,
Around your finger I'm wound
Because love knows no bounds.

Should you want to come home
Just pick up the phone,
When you tire of racy flings
I still have the wedding rings.

©Author: Kenneth Ellison 11-12-05

Song title: "Bring It On Home"

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