Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Picture postcards serene,
Pretty landscape scenes,
Painted by winter's brush
Over the quaint river's rush.

A wooden covered bridge
Neath the hills snowy ridge
Spans from shore to shore
Over the waters faint roar.

The gurgling river rushes to sea
Between banks of leafless trees,
Helter-skelter it runs swiftly on,
Ever seaward it is drawn.

Snowdrifts under clear winter sky
Are high where the river runs by,
As giant pearls they lie at river bends
Laid down by gusting wintry winds.

On the bridge a lone figure stands,
A curious parcel in cold hands
Staring intently at the water below,
Wondering whether to stay or go.

She had been here often before
Beneath the bridge on grassy shore,
In a springtime at waters edge
Two young hearts made loves pledge.

She returns alone this one last time
With broken heart and troubled mind,
Years ago she became a young bride
At this special place by riverside.

Gently she took the lid from his urn
Then saying a prayer in turn
She scattered the ashes upon the stream,
Crying as it carried away loves dream.

©Written by: Kenneth Ellison 12-20-05

Song title: "On Top of Tredegar Moor"

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