Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The bluebird of happiness flew by
When I had a tear in my eye
And I feel much better these days
Since I don't endure your ways.

The years we've been married
Your burdens I've carried
Until I had no life of my own
But at long last you're gone.

I gave you my brightest years
You gave doubts and fears,
Every moment of time together
Was only stormy weather.

Through long nights I've cried
While inside love slowly died,
As you cheated almost nightly
I held your pillow tightly.

Waiting for you to come home,
Hoping you'd at least phone,
Listening for your key in the door,
I just can't take anymore.

You've tried most women in town
Till they dread seeing you around,
They've all grown wise to your lies
And I'm bone-weary of alibis.

Why did you think you could do
Whatever in life pleased you?
Why did you think I would wait
For as long as it would take?

You've pulled apart my heart
And I need a brand new start,
Your divorce papers are mailed
And my happy ship just sailed.

©Author: Kenneth Ellison 12-15-05

Song title: " Who Were You Thinkin' Of? "

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