Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I take my pen in shaky hand,
Hoping you'll understand
Why I'm writing a letter to you
After the hurt I put you through.

I just couldn't waste another day
I have thoughts I must say,
Loving memories of long ago
Before your love for me grew cold.

So much empty time has gone by
And I'm still wondering why
Your trusting heart I threw aside
The day you were to be my bride.

The most foolish mistake of my life
Was losing you for my wife,
Your love and devotion I betrayed,
Now I know I should have stayed.

Dearest I realized long before now
That someday, somewhere, somehow
I had to say that I miss and love you
And with time my love has only grew.

I know I've lost your trust sweetheart,
I know I've broken your heart apart
But what I'm saying in this letter is true,
Not a day passes that I don't miss you.

Please try to forgive foolish mistakes,
Let me make up for your heartaches,
Let's Give our love just one more try
Before we part with a final goodbye.

I know you loved me once before
Please, don't forever close love's door,
If only we can meet and talk it through
Perhaps lost love would begin anew.

Let's get together one more time.
Let me erase this mistake of mine,
We can end loneliness and heartache,
Please? Just for old times sake.

©Written by: Kenneth Ellison 02-01-06

Song title: Unknown to me

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