Heartache has brought me to your door,
I hope you'll let me in once more,
I must be a bother to you sweetheart
But honestly, I'm falling apart.

Please don't ask me how I've been,
Be understanding and let me in,
Crawling back makes me feel so small
But I need a soft place to fall.

I apologize for the pain I've caused you,
I'm sorry for what I put you through,
Now it's my heart and life that's broken
And I'm so sorry for the words spoken.

You loved me and I threw that love aside
Now I'm begging for a warm place to hide,
He broke my heart as you said he would,
I should have listened, when I could.

I've come running back to you again
Hoping you'll be kind and let me in,
I know you could easily turn me away
But for old times sake, let me stay.

Please hold me as you did not long ago
When your heart felt love's glow,
Take me into your arms one more time,
Say words that will ease my weary mind.

Let me stay with you until the dawn
And when you wake up I'll be gone,
I need you to soothe my wounded pride
And your embrace for a place to hide.

You seem over the heartache I caused you,
Please teach me how to make it through,
You understand the reasons I came to call,
After all, we both know
A broken heart needs a soft place to fall.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-04-06

Song title: "What's Going On In Your World?"

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