Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

She dreamed of love as a fairytale,
A magic starship that would sail,
Flying her and prince charming afar,
Ever to live among shimmering stars.

The fairytale came softly to her world
Spinning hidden desires into a whirl,
First love changed her life evermore
Then angrily closed it's fairytale door.

Her trusting heart was in love with him
But his faithless love was only a whim,
Love's glowing embers soon grew cold
As sweet candied lies and alibis unfold.

The promise of true love eternal died
As a blush red rose withered and dried,
The fragrance of love's flowering bloom,
Now merely traces of faded perfume.

As smoke rings that disappear into air
His deceit ended her dreamland affair,
Fleeting were her daydreams as smoke,
Disappearing into air as her heart broke.

Love for her has arrived then gone
As the words to a forgotten old song,
It's sweet refrain sang of happiness
But the song's promise veiled sadness.

Love's hope once shown as glittery gold
Now her hardened heart has grown cold,
She'll never trust another with her heart
Only to feel the sorrow when they part.

Once a beautiful dreamer daydreamed
But dreams weren't what they seemed,
They were merely fairytales of the heart
Just dreams that crumbled apart.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-03-06

Song title: "All For Love"

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