Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Softly, first love for her came
Her untamed heart to claim,
She's so in love at first look,
An enticing smile was all it took.

A young girl's innocent heart
Has love's glowing start,
Her first enchanted crush,
Heart's first emotional rush.
Her life's changed in a blink
By a charming smile and wink,
From his first bashful hello
She felt new passions glow.
Her world is forever changed
Her youthful life rearranged,
Desires never before understood
Has urged her into womanhood.
She is in love and filled with joy
Over a handsome blue-eyed boy,
He took the heart of a naive girl
Stirring new emotions to a whirl.
First date, first true romance
Has given new love a chance,
Two young hearts, new desires
Fans the promise of love's fires.
Her first long lingering kiss,
A wondrous encounter of bliss,
Love's first sensual embrace
Has brought a blush to her face.
He gently caressed her cheek,
Trembling knees grew weak,
Lovingly he whispers her name,
So began love's flowering flame.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-19-06

Song title: "Unknown to me"

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