Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

There is pain in your harsh eyes
That has caused hatred to rise
Until you're consumed by it's fire
Smoldering with misplaced desire.

Devoured by the loathing you feel
The hatred exhausting you is real,
With the torment you try to cope,
Grasping for bits and pieces of hope.

Empty days and nights are tatters
Not anyone or anything matters,
Hate has replaced your heartache
Until others you scornfully forsake.

Old friends stopped coming around,
Rumors are bristling thru the town,
Your emotional state has stressed all
Until not even family will call.

You spend your time wasting away
Thinking he'll be back someday,
A hating heart holds you in solitude
Feeding the angry fire of your mood.

You blame everything and everyone
For your life that's been undone
But above all you bitingly blame him,
Who deserted you on a foolish whim.

By the bed sits a picture of the bride,
Your handsome groom at your side
Two lover's in a wedding ceremony
Beginning life in perfect harmony.

You'll never know where or why he fled
Soon after your wedding night bed,
Bitterly your heart has learned to hate,
While you sit smoldering and wait.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-12-04

Song title: "Feelings"

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