Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I wanted to stay home that day
But good sense came into play,
I didn't want to go to that rodeo
But being bored I decided to go.

Life in general was not so fine,
Things were on a steep decline,
Even in recent memory I recall
There's been no romance at all.

Excitement was at a boring crawl,
Just zero to do but study the wall,
So away to the big rodeo I went
Hoping to escape my discontent.

I met her on the rodeo grounds
While drifting aimlessly around
As I walked by I heard her say,
"Howdy cowboy, going my way?"

She was a dream with flaxen hair
And I fell in love right there,
With no other thought in mind
I knew I'd found my one of a kind.

We spent a happy day together
And knew it would last forever,
We believe in love at first sight,
For we know that pure delight.

It was many joy filled years ago
We met at the wild-west show,
Two kids and a horse ranch later
Our love could be no greater.

The decision to go to that rodeo
Was truly Heaven sent I know,
She gave me a bright new life,
That sweet little cowgirl, my wife.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-10-08

Song title: "Remember"

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