Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

In their early childhood days
Two innocent youths at play
Fell in love as fate ordained
And faithful love remained.

Through youth and beyond
There is an unwavering bond
Holding firm two hearts as one,
Their love will not be undone.

Time eternal will never dim
Loves light for her and him,
Though seasons come and go
Timeless love they will know.

They have loved ever it seems,
Together living their dreams,
Souls entwined by gold bands,
Two lovers joined hand-in-hand.

As long as they can remember
Sweet love's undying ember
Has glowed through the years,
Through good times or tears.

Their unshakable love is a wonder
That no one can tear asunder,
They stand steadfast in loves light
Holding each other ever so tight.

Many years ago before an altar
Vows made will never falter,
With love beaming in their eyes
They wed to no one's surprise.

Their love everlasting shall be
A lifelong happiness spree,
They will end life's walk together
Then continue in Heaven forever.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-10-06

Song title: "My One Desire"

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