Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

You cussed our home and all within
After cuss' in me and all my kin,
Then parted my hair with a roll' in pin
Screeching you won't be back again.

You took most everything we had,
And left mad after treat' in me bad
Then hightailed it for parts unknown,
I thank my lucky stars you're gone.

Love withered like a rose wintered,
My poor old heart was splintered,
Your hard love was the hurt' in kind,
All heartache and no peace of mind.

I miss you but I'm not waste' in away
Your sister comes nearly every day
And cooks a meal most every night,
Yeah, I miss you but I'll be alright.

What a comfort your sister's been
When I get lonely now and then,
Those times I'm down and needing you
Her shoulder to cry on cures my blues.

Nights when I hurt to much to bear
She holds me tender with loving care,
Your pretty sister is so kind and sweet
And keeps the trailer-home real neat.

She washes then irons all my clothes
Ain't much she won't do I suppose,
Her loving kindness like honey flows,
She is such a bless' in Heaven knows.

I know I'll get over you one fine day
With your sister's help I'll find a way,
Why just yesterday she winked and said,
I'm better off with her instead.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-15-04

Song title: "The Next Time I'm In Town"

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