Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

It hurts me more than you
To admit we're through,
Though it breaks my heart
We're going to finally part.
I fell for you that first day,
Love had come my way,
Like a lovesick fool I knew
That you loved me too.
What a vixen you came to be
You never did love me,
I was a toy in a fiery romance,
You never gave love a chance.
Some say a man shouldn't cry
But at times I've wanted to die,
And tears have fallen as rain
While I waited for love in vain.
I've known bitter heartache
And I've had all I can take,
Love to you is only a game,
The way you play it is a shame.
Like your puppet on strings
I waited while you had flings,
A broken clown waiting around
Hoping you'd soon settle down.
I can't live with constant lies
Your never-ending alibis
So let me show you the door,
Don't come back anymore.
It hurts me to say goodbye
But your love is a dark lie,
Life will be lonely living alone,
But much easier with you gone.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-10-07

Song title: "Unknown to me"

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