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Second Chance by Kenneth Ellison

Second Chance

Second Chance Outline

I came crawling to your door
Hope 'in you ain't sore no more,
Can't you forgive and forget?
Get over this doggone upset?

I fetched some flowers For you
But guess that was wrong to do,
I can see you're still boil 'in mad
Over the breakup we've had.

You whacked my head with a pan
And slapped me hard as you can
Then you gave my butt the boot
And you don't give a big hoot.

That rodeo gal was nothing to me
Just a drunk's foolish spree,
I've quit drink 'in as I should
And from now on I'll be good.

I miss you bad honey-bunch
My heart's in a hard crunch,
I'm lonesome and feel strange
Back at our ranch on the range.

My coondog is glad you're gone
But your pony pines alone,
It'd be happy if you'd come to stay
And I'll give my hound away.

It's cold between our bedcover's
Since you went to your mother's
I miss you awful sweet honey-bun,
You're the only one under the sun.

I promise always to walk the line
And our marriage will be just fine,
Give me a second chance sweetheart,
I can't abide us tore apart.

Second Chance Outline

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-04-06

Song title: "Who Were You Think 'in Of?"

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