Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I see you once in awhile with her
And remember the way we were
I thought our happiness would last
But you're with her and I'm the past.

I Thought I would get over you
With time as broken hearts do
But then you go by and I sigh,
Seeing you makes me cry.

Each time I see you sweetheart
I lose little pieces of my heart,
I tried to be with someone new
But my love belongs to you.

The years we shared together
Will be in my heart forever,
I know I'll never get over you
Though my mind tells me to.

Dreaming I whisper your name
But my dreams all end the same,
I wake to warm tears in the night
Thinking of her holding you tight.

She is wrong for you sweetheart
And is only keeping us apart,
She will break your heart in time
As you have broken mine.

Getting over you only makes me cry
And so sweetheart I won't even try,
When her lust for you one day ceases
I'll be waiting to pick up the pieces.

I will wait for as long as it takes
And I will forgive your mistakes
After all darling what else can I do?
I am eternally in love with you.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-01-04

Song title: "I Fall To Pieces"

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