Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Sitting in the old porch swing
Listening to the birds sing,
Slowly they swayed to and fro
Feeling the warmth of love's glow.

They rest in the cooling breeze
As so many summer eves
Watching the fleeting fireflies,
He gazes into her twinkling eyes.

Holding hands in evening shade
Their voices carry over the glade.
The sweetness of jasmine fills the air,
He places a blossom in her hair.

She caresses his hand tenderly
And sighing smiles up sweetly,
Ever so softly he kisses her face,
Lovingly they cuddle to embrace.

They talk of life and Heaven above
And to each whisper of love,
One more day goes slowly past,
Another memory that will last.

As the turtledoves nestle into the trees
They rise to walk in evening's breeze,
Two contented hearts beating as one
They stroll the lane where love begun.

As newlywed's they walked this lane
To their cabin past the sugarcane
Now sixty years they have shared life,
Friends and lovers--man and wife.

Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-07-04

Song title: "Golden Heart"

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