Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

~~Your Grandma~~

In the warm glow of the fireplace
With her favorite shawl in place
Grandma sits humming and rocks
Knitting a box of grandkid socks.

A picture postcard of a grandmother
Yet the perfection is like another,
Your granny is like mine if you look,
A picture on the cover of a book.

What lofty tales that book can tell
If only you'll sit and visit a spell
And listen to this wonderful old sage
About life, love and wars we wage.

Hear her wisdom of the family tree
She'll explain how you came to be,
Your family line can be unraveled
By a journey through time traveled.

Heed grandma's wise words of life
To steer clear of nettlesome strife,
Through decades she has seen it all
And knows how to avoid a pitfall.

When love causes you heartbreak
Seek Grandma's advice to take
And the loving solace she will give
Highlights your reasons to live.

A lifetime of history is in her head
If you will remember what is said,
Seek grandma to learn life's lessons
And spirits will rise in the sessions.

Your precious Grandmother may be old
But if you avoid her you merit a scold
She is a living book of wisdom rocking,
Waiting for you to come knocking.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-09-04

Song title: "The Deep Blue Sea"

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