Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Evening shadows sway
At the end of my day,
A perfumed warm breeze
Softly rustles leaves.

Thoughts cannot conceal
The anticipation I feel,
Tonight you'll come to me,
The wait's been so lonely.

From roses you grew for me
I plucked the prettiest to see,
Fragrance to fill our bedroom,
You'll be home soon

I sat a bouquet by our bed
As the night we were wed,
Fulfilled as husband and wife,
The happiest day of my life.

Loneliness has made me cry
As empty nights went by,
My only mood has been blue
From long days missing you.

Tonight I'll hold you tight
As we love by candlelight,
At last I'll lay in your arms
Enthralled by your charms.

Tonight in our feather bed
I'll be holding you instead
Of your pillow to dream on,
Two hearts again as one.

As sunset becomes a shadow
I watch by the window
You'll be home soon I know
I feel the warmth of loves glow.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-02-04

Song title: "All For Love"

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