Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Devilish woman lying in bed
Bewitchingly dressed in red,
The vamp doesn't lie for rest,
She schemes another conquest.
Worried wives and girlfriends grew
To know trouble was on the brew
When into their small town blew
A woman in red no one knew.
She slithered through this town
Sashaying exclusively around
For any men that could be found,
Someone to bedevil or confound.
Adorned in revealing bright red
She turned foolish mens heads,
Spinning a silky web far and wide
She entangled any man she eyed.
A luring smile and flirtatious eyes
Is an ambush for trusting guys,
They easily fall for pouty lips
And her shapely wiggly hips.
A lovesick heart fell by the way
For any man fool enough to play,
Her affairs were played for fun,
Never meaning to wed anyone.
When local yokels become a bore
She will travel on but not before
Leaving a few souvenirs behind
Like broken hearts and upset minds.
Not a soul knows why she came,
Not a person knows her real name
But the town's women have dread
Of the harpy vamp dressed in red.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-06-07

Song title: "Long Black Veil"

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