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There is no sparkles in me
My bleak destiny is lonely,
No glimmer of love will shine
To highlight this life of mine.

My mindset is moody blues
One of shadowy shifting hues,
Dark shades make me afraid
Of the solitary life I've made.

There is long burning desires
To kindle companionship fires
But I was charred by love past,
Those scars will forever last.

My walls are high and wide
To allow no heartache inside,
I seek no love from a person
That may cause life to worsen.

Love comes tied in a pretty bow
Promising happiness will grow,
Pretty paper and ribbons of blue
Can't hide the hurt that awaits you.

My blues visit in the nighttime
They trouble a restless mind,
I rush out into stark darkness
To hide the face of loneliness.

Solitary blues after midnight
Neath sprinkles of starlight,
Twinkles in a plush velvet sky
Witness my heart's lonely cry.

Longingly I stare at sparks afar
At nothing between glittery stars,
Only empty space as empty as me,
That's all there is, all there will be.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-18-07

Song title: "Blues After Midnight"

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