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Whispers of Goodbye by Kenneth J Ellison

Whispers of Goodbye

Remember a walk by moonlight,
That velvet star filled night?
We were barefoot in warm sand,
There I knelt to ask your hand.

Through all the years till my end
You've been my best friend,
My beautiful adoring wife,
I have loved you most all my life.

Though fate has been unkind
And you have a grieving mind,
Remember all the happy years,
When you shed anguished tears.

Will you miss me all tomorrows,
Will you be deep in sorrows?
Will you miss my hands to hold,
Will you miss me when I'm cold?

When you miss me sweet darling
And for me you're sadly calling,
Close pretty eyes to dream of me,
For in your dreams I'll always be.

The time nears for me to leave
This will be our final eve,
Though this life is sadly through,
In God's Heaven I'll wait for you.

Lay me deep on the sunlit hill
There I will rest forever still,
Where the wild red roses grow,
Dearest darling lay me low.

Lay a rosebud upon my crown
As they gently lower me down,
And as our favorite hymn is sung
Think of us when love was young.

Come to me for a last embrace
Let me kiss your beautiful face,
Let me look deep into pretty eyes
As we whisper loving goodbyes.

©Written by: Ken Ellison 03-20-07

Song title: "Will You Miss Me?"

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