Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Life with you has been sweet
Everyday a candied treat,
Nights sublime have been fine,
A fairytale of roses and wine.
From our first passionate kiss
I've known only happiness
But your loving heart changed,
A perfect marriage rearranged.
I don't know you like before,
Who I'm living with anymore,
Love has withered on the vine,
Gone are days of roses and wine.
You disappear most every night
The way you treat me isn't right,
You just glare with a little sneer
Each time I beg you to stay here.
Slowly my love for you is dying
I'm tired of the nightly crying,
My heart fills with bitterness
As my life fills with loneliness.
I still love you but don't like you
I hate all we're going through,
Your fickle love runs hot and cold
And the alibis are worn and old.
I believe you'll leave sweetheart
Before long we'll break apart,
I feel our marriage will end soon
And bits of love will be strewn.
My heart's grown cold and bitter
This wedlock has lost it's glitter,
You've crushed a love once bright
So go ahead and leave, It's alright.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-06-07

Song title: "I'm To Blame"

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