Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Dusky shadows sway at twilight
Dancing in the coming starlight,
The day fades slowly from sight,
She wonders where he is tonight.
Nightbirds wing in evening breeze,
Leaves rustle on sycamore trees,
A coyote cry echoes over the plain
As if it feels her heartbroken pain.
Her sweetheart rode South one day
With a final embrace he rode away,
She waved till he slowly disappears,
Crying till there were no more tears.
She ask him not to go to Mexico,
She begged him stay but he said no,
Vowing to return from the land below
When debts were paid from long ago.
Lost in time till her cowboy returns
As days end at twilight she yearns,
Watching until the moon sits on high,
Until another lonesome day goes by.
Weeks become months then a year,
Fear crept in that he wasn't sincere,
Though love for him would never falter
Hope faded for a wedding at the altar.
One summers eve just after twilight
A horse whinny sounded in the night,
Then a memory from the dark came,
Her wayward cowboy called her name.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-06-07

Song title: Unknown To Me

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