Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Blush red roses express intent
When with love they are sent,
Flushed hues and fragrant scent
Say deep adoration is meant.

I adore you it's honestly true
So I thought it time you knew,
Though some may come and go
You're the truest friend I know.

I portray crimsoned roses to you
With love for all you say and do,
For all you've done in the past,
Those little things that will last.

If a picture could say one word
Let it be the sweetest heard,
May love be the word you hear,
Let the roses speak crystal clear.

I liken the roses to you and me
A beautiful friendship you see,
For as the beauty of a rose shows
So our friendship glows and grows.

We've gone through it you and I
Sharing the laughter and the cry
And through good times and bad
You are the best friend I've had.

You comfort when I'm in need
With soft love words and deed
And If I feel the need to smile
I just talk with you for awhile.

And so to you my dearest friend
These beautiful red roses I send,
Just as their beauty gleams true,
There is a glistening beauty in you.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-28-07

Song title: "Carolina"

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