Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Parents with a knowing smile
Ridiculed them all the while,
Saying their love wouldn't last,
The teenage crush would pass.

They listened but did not care
For them destiny was clear,
Only their marriage would do,
So much in love were the two.

Married with a small ceremony
Two hearts joined in matrimony,
They wed among the discontent
Of reluctant parents at the event.

They began a journey through life
With paper that read man and wife,
Nothing else did they actually own,
Just blissful newlyweds half grown.

They had high dreams and plans
And chasing rainbows end began,
As the story of their lives unfold
They strove for that pot of gold.

Trials were anyway they turned,
Life's hard lessons were learned
But through it they had each other,
Living under loves shielding cover.

They chased their dream for years,
Through life's heartache and tears,
Loving through good times and bad
When each other was all they had.

They grew up together married
And often times life was harried,
As they grew older they realized
Happiness lay before their eyes.

They no longer chase a pot of gold,
They found the end of the rainbow,
Their wealth lies in a love so rare,
A romance affair beyond compare.

They faithfully lived marriage vows
There are darling grand kids now,
All these years if only they'd knew,
The day they wed dreams came true.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-23-07

Song title: "Lord Franklin"

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