Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Their song is softly playing
Where they are laying,
Timidness becomes tame,
Smoldering desires flame.

Candles light the room
Fragrant the perfume,
Glistening is warm skin,
Love the mood their in.

New emotions mellow
Breaths are shallow,
Fleet their heartbeat,
Adoring kisses sweet.

Crimson is the rose,
Warm passions glow,
Crimson are her lips
Kissing his fingertips.

Yellow the full moon
Outside the bedroom,
Grey shadows dance,
Encircling romance.

Crushed rose petals lie
Beneath soft sighs,
Perfuming crumpled sheets
Where two loves meet.

Flickering candles burn
Where hearts yearn,
Passionate desires rise,
Love is in their eyes.

Curtains of pale green
Hide the lovers scene,
Gently they flutter over
Lavender satin cover.

Crimson is the roses
Where love reposes,
Two lovers now rest
In dreamy happiness.

Wedding night delight
Bathed by candlelight,
Lovers embrace for life,
Now husband and wife.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-14-07

Song title: "The First Time"

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