Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

It arrived by mail one day
Soon after she passed away,
A broach came in a tiny box,
Inside a snip of silver locks.
A curl from grandma's hair
Nestled inside with care,
A memento of bygone years
Filled sad eyes with tears.
I held in my trembling hand
A cherished treasure grand,
A breastpin of antique gold,
Precious memories to hold.
It's all that remains of her,
Sweet golden memories stir,
Memories beyond measure
Are renewed by my treasure.
She lived behind poverty's door,
We were all so needfully poor,
Nothing of worth did she own
Except a gold pin that shown.
She wore it anywhere she went
For special occasions or event,
Pinned with pride it would adorn
Any threadbare garment worn.
My silver-haired grandmother,
For my lifetime I'll love her,
Her ageless love for me unfolds
As I open her broach of gold.
My gift is much more than a pin
It expresses love without end,
A grandmas way to say goodbye
Till we join in Heaven by-and-by.

~*~ The Broach ~*~

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-07-07

Song title: "Chilly Fall"

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