Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The last time I saw you I swore
I wouldn't see you anymore,
That if you came around at all
I wouldn't be at your beckon call.

But again you are at my door
And I'll be your fool once more,
Dancing like a puppet on strings
No matter the hurt it brings.

I was heartsick and heart-broke,
My dreams went up in smoke,
You burned them to the ground
When you began cheating around.

Dreams of wedding rings and things
Faded as you had romantic flings,
You were in a barroom every night
Trying to satisfy a lovers appetite.

While I sat waiting at home alone
Wondering where you'd gone,
You were toying with someone new,
Doing things you shouldn't do.

You went with someone else to play
When you stormed out that day
Taking all hope for a happier life,
Burning dreams of you as my wife.

You laughed while I cried inside
When you finally took my pride,
You trampled my heart once more
When you walked out the door.

But here you come knocking again
And like a fool I'll let you in,
I swore the last time we were through
But I can't tell my heart what to do.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-08-07

Song title: "Under Your Spell" (You've Got Me)

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