Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

On the far side of town
Is where I settled down
With a home and wife,
It was a happy life.

My wife and baby girl
Were my whole world,
A family with a home
Where once I belonged.

But that was awhile ago
A year or more I know,
I miss what I never had,
My baby has a new dad.

Pictures on the table lay
To be studied every day,
Faces from another time
When the world was mine.

Loves embers won't glow
When loves grown cold,
I can't make her love me
If loves not meant to be.

I see them once in a while,
Glances of a baby's smile
But only in dreams do I see
Them smiling sweetly at me.

I sit staring at my coffee cup
Waiting for sunup,
Another lonely night goes by,
Only my shadow saw me cry.

Morning rain is softly falling
Old memories keep calling,
Reflections painful to think of,
I've lost all that I love.

My heart will not survive this
Love forever I'll miss,
My happiness is across town
Where wife and baby lie down.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-24-07

Song title: "I Still Miss Someone"

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