Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Once upon a time in the land of Cyberspace,
A vast scarcely known often scary place
Where lingering long may cause a trance,
Two charming souls met by lucky chance.
They wandered the enchanted land amused
Cruising beyond the pop-ups that confused
Until one day on a quaint little known byway
They met while resting off the hyper-highway.
Now the two were not searching for a friend
They simply had some leisure time to spend
But they decided to email each other a letter
And since that very day their lives are better.
Almost everyday they share bits of daily news
Of life's high-points or when they get the blues,
Little secrets and big laughs are shared with joy,
They never imagined email such a magical toy.
Out of the wonderland of Cyberspace so cold
Was born a friendship more precious than gold
And no wizard could cast a love-spell more bold,
Their love became the grandest story ever told.
This happy story has no ending only a start
And I'm sending it with love from my heart,
Sometimes winding paths of destiny entwine
And friendships blossom as yours and mine.
I hope you enjoy this fairytale proven true
For the charmed who met were me and you
And though we may never meet face-to-face
I am blessed by to the magic of cyberspace.
I met you as I wandered through it's dark
And you gave my dim days a bright spark,
Now I can't wait to read your mail each day,
A friend like you has rarely came my way.
Once upon a time in a land mostly unknown
Two souls met and a friendship has grown
And I'm sure our friendship will last forever
After all, it was magic that joined us together.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-28-08

Song title: "Irish"

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