Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

An earth angel in many ways
Delighting in happy days,
She lived in a perfect world
This young beautiful girl.

She was an angel to everyone,
No good deed was left undone
She had kindness for them all
The very old or very small.

A spiritual soul was the girl
With love for all the world,
Goodness shown on her face,
She had God's divine grace.

Her soul-mate for many years,
The love held most dear
Gave a ring from bended knee
Swearing love for eternity.

She wed her first sweetheart
With vows to never part
And they grew together in life,
Contented as man and wife.

Good times seem to have no end
But dark days was to descend,
Her husband began to stray
With a woman he met one day.

With time he left her for good,
In her heart she knew he would,
Broken-hearted she was alone
Her perfect world was gone.

She turned to sin of every kind
Trying to ease a troubled mind,
For the torment she must endure
She began to drink for the cure.

The angel has fallen from grace
Drink has taken love's place,
Her heart has turned to stone
As she sits drinking alone.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-22-08

Song title: "The Greenwood Tree"

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