Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

There was never a time
That you weren't mine
Or I was not yours,
Our love ever endures.

There was no reservation
Not a slight hesitation,
When we met it was forever,
Eternally joined together.

We gave no special look
A glance was all it took,
A glance into curious eyes
And love was realized.

We will never love another
There could be no other,
No one can come between
The love we seen.

Before our first embrace,
Bashfully face to face
We stood without a word,
Yet love was heard.

Before the first soft kiss
We found our bliss
And before that first date
Love unending was our fate.

Only a moment in time
And you were mine,
With only a moment gone
I was yours alone.

Love happened long ago
And we revel in it's glow,
Once two lonely souls met
And are soul-mates yet.

One day like magic spells
We heard wedding bells,
A moment in time by chance
Began a lifelong romance.

Someday we'll know how to fly
And open our wings to the sky,
Two in flight to Heaven's gate,
Love eternal our fate.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-07-08

Song title: "Until I Find You Again"

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