Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

You're at the top of your game
A temptress by any name,
Any lover you want you catch,
Your seductive art has no match.

Those artful skills of seduction
Always lead to destruction
For anyone snared in your webs,
Any pretense of love soon ebbs.

Trails of tears are in your wake
From the victims you forsake,
Your beauty and lies are tools
To shatter the hearts of fools.

Enticing webs you spin to lure men in
But they're silken threads of sin,
Your wicked ways have no equal
And the next evil is just a sequel.

Into your pretty webs men wander
But their devotion you squander,
You ravage emotions then leave
And they're left broken to grieve.

Trickery and deceit is how you live
You have no feelings of love to give,
Your heart is marble and cold as ice,
Your intent is every way but nice.

What sweet tangled webs you weave
Meant to entice and deceive
But beware the traps you lay
lest you ensnare yourself someday.

One day the web of age will trap you
And nights of delight will be through,
No handsome young man will hold
A worn old vamp so brazenly bold.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-19-08

Song title: "Maria Elena"

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