Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


You came along lip smackin' sweet
A finely packaged tasty treat
With kitty-cat eyes and shapely hips
And the taste of honey on your lips.

You were a cuddly cutie to behold,
Your hair shinier than fool's gold
With a come-hither jiggle walk
And a bubbly giggle in your talk.

I fell quick for you like a ton of bricks,
I chased you like a dog chases sticks,
I chased you till you caught me at last
But love went from sweet to sour fast.

You were a hellcat from the big city,
The way you treated me was a pity,
This poor farm boy had no chance
To survive such a sordid romance.

You used me as mat to wipe your feet,
You devoured me as a loin wolfs meat,
A lie or an alibi was your favorite tool
You were queen of mean and I the fool.

You sang and I danced to your tune
As my pride and dignity were strewn,
My life was at the bottom of the tank,
Living ain't easy with a crazy crank.

Then one glorious day I got the word
The most beautiful word ever heard,
Like a demon bird you chirped goodbye,
I was so full of delight I began to cry.

You mocked my bawling and squalling
You thought for love I was crawling
But the reason I cried like a baby boy
Was your goodbye that juiced me with joy.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison: 08-20--08

Song title: "I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore"

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