Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I came by the mountains long ago
After winter's last melting snow,
I came by way of the wooded crest
To this bonnie vale where we nest.

Do you remember the time darling?
'Twas the time of nesting starlings,
The bloom was on the roses bright
And star clusters lit our sky at night.

We met by where the river rushes
To the trill of birds in lilac bushes,
Your hair in sunlight shown as gold,
Such a beautiful vision to behold.

A lonely woodsman paused for awhile
To be welcomed by your lovely smile,
Just a lonely man longing to say hello
Who only paused but would never go.

Many years have passed since then,
Sweetheart do you remember when?
I chose our first kiss in morn's mist
You are so pretty, how could I resist?

Time has flew that brought us to now,
Embraced beneath the willow bough,
Quickly the happy years have flown
Yet love's blossom has ever so grown.

I was in love the moment you said hello
Only a look took my heart long ago
And I could not be happier than today
Just being with you whiling time away.

And so here we are sitting to remember
Our grand wedding day that September,
Happy anniversary my beautiful bride,
Our happiness forever lies side by side.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-11-08

Song title: "Maggie"

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