Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Your thoughts tell you to flee
But your heart can't agree,
Weary of things as they are
Your desire is to run away far.

Please listen to your heart
Before in haste you depart,
Before you say goodbye
Give old love a fresh try.

You loved deeply when wed
And old love is not dead
Just fan the embers to flame,
That old feeling is the same.

Things aren't as bad as they seem
Just remember your dream
When young love was in bloom,
As you became bride and groom.

The newlywed thrill has cooled
But don't let a mind be fooled,
Though time has chilled the fire
You are still their hearts desire.

Life won't be better if you go,
Dreaming won't make it so,
Years of love you can't erase
With another place or face.

Breaking up is painful to do
And the hurt will follow you,
When it's all said and done
You'd be the wounded one.

Old heartaches can forever last
Brought from the bitter past,
If you go regret will live in you
And hurt your life through.

You can't catch a shooting star,
There's no magic kingdom afar,
At rainbow's end there is no gold
Or some fairytale lover to hold.

That dreamworld life you envision
Will bring your family's division
And some place or another person
Will only make your life worsen.

Promises made are easily broken
Beware what another has spoken,
Shattered pledges faithfully sworn
Can leave your heart forever torn.

Listen to your heart for the right choice
And heed your soul's inner voice,
No matter how bad you feel things are,
Life won't be brighter under a distant star.

Your happiness can be regained
And two hearts never pained,
They you love and always will,
Nothing is better over some hill.

Just listen before you finally decide
Let your heart be your guide,
Listen before tearing your family apart,
Just listen to your heart.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-30-08

Song title: "Endless Love"

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