Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Beautiful Rose lies by the sea
In bloom removed from me,
Aside the restless deep she lies
Where wind in sorrow sighs.

Winds quiver the cross of my loss
Billowing waves churn and toss,
Winds quieten my heartsick cries,
Salted tears sear swollen eyes.

Oh wounded heart cold as stone
Beat no more for she is gone,
Still thy coldness in my breast
Ere I embrace my love at rest.

Angel of death ease my sorrow
Bear away afore the morrow,
Cast thy shadow ere day's close
So ever I sleep aside my Rose.

Beneath me fairest flower lies
Wetted by tears from woeful eyes,
Teardrops stain the pebbly ground
Where I lay sweet flower down.

No more her quickened breath,
None is desires held by death,
No more fiery kiss upon my lips,
Stilled are caressing fingertips.

Swaying shadows in candlelight,
Desires aflame in the night,
Forever vanished passions bloom,
Coldly darkened our bedroom.

Alas I am stooped brokenhearted
My bonnie Rose has departed,
She lies sleeping by the seashore,
I am steeped in grief forevermore.

Gulls scream and the winds moan
Swells heave and the sea groans,
Raging surf rushing loudly flows
Kissing with foam my sleeping Rose.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-24-08

Song title: "Slane"

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