Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

This one's for the heartsick guys
That got stardust in their eyes
And fell for a beautiful cheater,
You now know was a man-eater.

You are brother's joined by a band,
A romance that got out of hand,
The circle that binds you is unseen
But tied there by a beauty queen.

That queen of mean was a mantrap
And delivered your ego a fatal slap,
You mistook lust for love brother
For she soon trapped another lover.

The flirter left you used and abused
With heartache and a mind confused
But broken brothers share no shame,
That two-timing vamp was the blame.

Your mistake was falling for a butterfly
A beautiful one just fluttering by
Who flashes about sampling man nectar
Before darting to another fool's sector.

Man-eaters are from different worlds
And they'll wink and shake those curls,
They wiggle their luscious hips as a lure
But it's not worth what we must endure.

Some women are not the marrying kind,
The enticing will leave a brother behind,
They'll slice and dice hearts till we moan
It's best to love a plain gal homegrown.

The flower you plucked was in disguise
And you had stardust sprinkled eyes
You didn't know the bright rose chosen
Had an evil heart stone-cold frozen.

Your pain is shared by many brothers
You're linked by heartache to others,
You guys with downcast eyes will heal
But next time pick a plain gal who's real.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-21-08

Song title: "Long Black Veil"

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