No one could count the ways I love you
Life would end before they were through,
They cannot total my ways with no end,
There would not be the time to spend.

The reasons I love you are to many to speak,
They are more than all the mountain peaks,
They number far more than stars in the sky
Or clouds on high drifting by.

The size of my love has no measure
But it's larger than the Earth's treasure,
Bigger than the largest sea or ocean,
There is no limit to my devotion.

Shapes of love for you remain undefined
It's form evolves daily to a lovelier kind,
Shape-shifting to frame the goodness in you,
Outlining your essence with a sparkling view.

The colors of my love for you glisten bright
And no artist could ever capture the light,
No number of brush strokes will ever show
The rainbow colors of your halo aglow.

My adoration is deeper than Earth's core
I adore you and I will forevermore,
Even deeper is my love than starlit space,
There is no ending ever, at anyplace.

No written words can express my emotions
The words needed would fill the oceans,
I love you far more than anyone can write,
If they wrote forever day and night.

I am saying in my fumbling way that I love you
Yet I cannot exactly bring my feelings through,
I think this world would simply crumble apart
Before I could describe what's in my heart.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-07-08

Song title: "When The Meadow Was Blooming"

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