Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Perhaps I have stars in my eyes,
Maybe telling my heart lies
But surely there is a love for me,
My lonely heart waits to see.

I've waited so long for that embrace
For that touch sometime, someplace
For those loving whispers in my ear
Yet I grow lonelier each year.

Time through life has quickly flown,
From a girl to a woman I've grown
And I've never known love at all
Only in dreams does romance call.

Tenderly he comes to me in dreams
But always out of reach it seems,
In a perfect dream I'd feel his caress,
His strength, his tenderness.

Dreams are dreams and life is real
And I long for a soul-mate I can feel,
A warm love to lie beside each night
In the glow of dancing candlelight.

My heart holds so much love to give
I would be devoted as long as I live,
I could faithfully love the right man
Yes forever and a day, I easily can.

I'm not a ravishing beauty to see
But there must be someone for me,
A man to hold when nights are cold,
Someone who offers a band of gold.

Somewhere a lonely man hopefully waits
And I believe meeting will be our fates,
To my heart and soul I offer the keys
Won't someone find me, please?

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-08-08

Song title: "Negue"

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