Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I smile when I think of you,
You are a wish come true,
I have dreamed for so long,
Now I can call you my own.

The first time I saw your face
My miracle took place,
I fell in love with just a look,
Your smile was all it took.

My heart choose you to adore,
I'll never love anyone more,
You will be cherished always
For as long as there are days.

I am thankful to God above
That He has joined us in love
And that love shall forever be
A wonderful blessing to me.

Children are special it's true
But not one more than you,
You are more special by far
Than the brightest shining star.

There is nothing on this Earth
That is more than you're worth,
You are my precious treasure
And I love you beyond measure.

Adoption a legal parent makes
But true love is what it takes,
A love nothing can break apart
And I love you with all my heart.

Parents birth babies and rejoice
Though they had no choice
But the first time you smiled
I chose you as my child.

The choice was easy you see
For God meant our love to be,
He placed two hearts together,
Joined by love forever.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-03-07

Song title: "Meeting Of The Waters"

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