Off mountain tops to valley below
Night cries of sorrow echo,
Her wails course deer trails
Through forest into moonlit vales.

From rushing river to crown of trees
Her haunting song wafts on breeze,
From tawny dusk till first daylight
Chants of sorrow pierce the night.

They say the spirit is a princess bride
From yesteryears forgotten tribe
Searching for her warrior mate's soul
lost in battle many decades ago.

No one can say who sings such sorrow
Through each night till the morrow,
No one has seen the spirit of the night
Whose voice moans till early light.

On full moon nights you can hear
Her cries of anguish eerily clear,
Hauntingly beautiful in a strange way
They fade away at break of day.

Then one starry night in moon glow
No cry was heard in the valley below,
Quietness has settled over forest floor
The princess bride searches no more.

Off mountain peaks to wild river's roar
Lives the tale of a princess in folklore,
The haunting story has no end it seems,
Perhaps she found her warrior in dreams.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-11-04

Song title: Unknown to me

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