Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I see skies of blue
Butterflies too,
Fields of heather
And couples together.
- I think of you.

I hear birds that sing
Church bells that ring
And little puppies bark
Out in the park.
- I think of you.

I see happy lovers stroll
Past my window,
I hear their laughter,
As they vow love ever after.
- I think of you.

I see the moon in the sky
Shooting stars flash by
And the warm breeze
Rustles tree leaves.
- I think of you.

I hear a little baby cry
A mothers soft sigh,
The carriage grows nigh
Too pass me by.
- I think of you.

The sights and sounds
Each day surrounds,
To remind my heart
We've broken apart.
- I think of you.

I start to ready for bed
But don't instead,
I lie across the cover
Missing my lover.
- I think of you.

Opening my teary eyes
Long before sunrise
I stare at the ceiling
With a lonely feeling.
- I think of you.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-24-04

Song title: "Memories"

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